January Goals

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What a year 2013 was. I think about all the crazy things I've done and man, 99% of that was before I was 20. But, now I am twenty, and I'm loving it.

Last week, I realized just how crazy my semester was. I moved apartments twice in a week, the starter in my car died, I went to the ER after a head injury, had my car broken into, found out that some people are jerks when dealing with business, and suffered from stomach issues the whole semester.

And I still survived it all. It just makes me realize, even when I feel weak and at the bottom, I've got a massive work ethic and I just keep on pushing.

That was last semester and I'm crossing my fingers that this semester is a little bit calmer in terms of unexpected hurdles. Guess we'll find out in a week and a half, classes start next Wednesday and I go back to Huntsville Sunday evening.

So, it's a few days late, but here are some monthly goals, and some year goals I'm looking forward to.

This year, I really want to grasp a hold of time management. As a college kid, I spend a lot of time doing things I can cut out: napping, spending 45 minutes on Facebook, eating too much. I really need to utilize the time I have because, well, it's the only time I have.

December Goals:

My Mass Comm project (today!)
Study for finals
Continue journalling every night
Read every night (started The Hunger Games again last night) 
More praying this advent season
Organize and deep clean my bedroom before I leave for a month
Edit all my pictures
feature pictures on the photography blog
Save some money
pick up on Mary Kay again (school kind of bogged me down)
Plan Mass Music for long term.
Finish this round of edits for The Assassin
book cover!!! (for real this time)

So, I kind of missed in December. After a rough semester, I came home, started writing and was going well until the end of my trip to Austin. Haven't written anything since. THANK YOU WRITERS BLOCK. Also, vacation brain is really strong right now.


Finish The Assassin rewrite
Start The Assassin edits
Plan music for the student masses this semester
Work on Mary Kay
gym, gym, gym!!

Not many goals, but honestly, I've got two things I'm running through my life right now: faith and simplicity.

This year, I've also got some yearly goals:

Size 12 pants. You + Me, it's so happening, I promise. It's been a long time, but we'll reunite.
The Assassin release day. WHOOP WHOOP. July is gonna be big, y'all. 
Sales Director - this is going to be a tough one, but I'm praying that God will introduce the women in my life who will help me build my team. 
Eat better. I've neglected changing my eating habits, but I really need to change them to help fight my hypothyroidism. 
Really enjoy life in the moment. 


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