catholic to the core // alter serving

First. Today's the day that Pope Benedict XVI retires. Actually, by the time you read this, he'll probably have already stepped down. I still remember the day he was elected pope.

But today, I'm going to talk about alter serving. 

If you've ever been to a Catholic mass, the alter servers are the kids who sit on the alter with the Priest and Deacon. In my church, you can start serving when you're ten.

And I started as soon as I turned ten. 

Alter serving was something completely out of my element. To stand there and just wait on someone? I mean, yeah, now, I do that a lot, but back then? I didn't do that stuff.

Alter serving also gave me my first taste of stage freight. And nerves.

I never knew what it was like to be nervous until I served. I mean the "I'm shaking" kind of nervous.

It was weird. 

But, I served from fourth grade until I joined the adult choir back in ninth grade. It was great, but my heart is with the music. 



"Looking for light on rainy days
Needing so much so many ways
Constantly throwing myself in a bind
Oh, I got no time to hesitate
I want it now, why should I wait
I've tried but I just can't be satisfied."
LeAnn Rimes - "Satisfied"

I'm just not feeling it anymore. Satisfaction. I feel like I'm on complete auto pilot. Go to class. Come home. Do homework. Study. Work on stuff for my job. Read blogs. Watch TV. Go to bed. Wake up.


I had a rocky start to the semester and I thought catching up would help smooth it over and make things okay, but it didn't. Things are still tough. I'm dreading every class I'm in for the most part. Even my writing class and my design class.

I just can't stand them. 

Why is it that something that usually brings me such joy just brings me misery? 

Lately, I feel like the only joy I ever find is from watching Castle or Disney movies. I'm stuck in routine.

I'm a creative.

I thrive on emotion.

But lately, there's nothing.

I just can't seem to care anymore. I've been late to class two days in a row.

I'm never late. Not if I can avoid it. I'm always the one ten minutes early.

Something needs to give, but I feel like I'm the only thing that ever does.

So, I'm just stuck here. Completely unsatisfied.


Full Circle

First things first. This weekend, Allie and I realized it's been a full year since this happened:

The past few months, I've been struggling.
I'm in college, finances are tight. I managed to get lucky when I got a temporary job at the beginning of the semester. Emphasis on the "temporary" part. A week into the job, I got sick and missed two days of work. Combine that with the fact that hitting the sales tax button is beyond my skill level and that sealed the deal for temporary only. 

Ever since then (actually, way before then too), I've been praying. Looking. Searching. I was looking for a job to the point that I joined Monster, linkedin, snagajob, and a lot more. I was to the point that I was about to take online surveys to make a little cash. 

Then, by the grace of God himself, I saw this tweet. 

So, I took a leap of faith. Internship for Public Relations? I have one set up for advertising this summer, why not take the chance and dabble in the other end of my degree?

I've known Sharon for years now. We met way back in the inkpop days, so she's not just a total stranger. We discussed what I would need to do to apply for the internship and then she threw out the idea of me apply as a publicist. 

A day and a half later, I sent off my application for both the publicist job and the marketing internship. Later that night when I was asleep, I got a lovely little email offering the position of publicist and that morning I had a contract sitting in my inbox! 

It's amazing how all it took was one tweet to answer my prayers. I've been wanting to do something to get back in touch with the writing world and a job working in the publishing industry while getting experience in public relations? It was the perfect opportunity!

The job will be hard. Adding 17 hours of class will make it even harder. Trying to run a blog and write a book? Talk about borderline insanity.

But I'm excited. I can't wait to see where this goes! 


Some Oldies

Last night, I was skyping with Allie, and she showed me some pictures of one of our photoshoots that I'd never seen before. She sent them over to me and I dove right into editing. So, I figured why not share them with y'all?

This shoot was just days after we finished high school and we were on the brink of moving to college. Crazy stuff!


catholic to the core // children's choir

I love to sing.

Like, I really love to sing.

I sing to itunes. I sing in the car. If I know the song, I'm singing.

So, this is how I got my start.

I was five years old the first time I auditioned for the Children's Choir at church. Joining the choir was voluntary and open to anyone, but getting a solo was something you had to audition for.

Needless to say, I choked. The guy who was running the choir was intimidating. Kevin Keil (love that man). And even though I did horribly while auditioning, that year I got hooked on performing.

I pretty much did the children's choir ever year after that until Kevin left. The year he left, I graduated to the adult choir.

While I was a choir member, I performed in the same play twice (my name is in a published play guys!), went to Oklahoma City to perform said play, and performed with the adult choir several times.

Junior year, there I was, ready to answer the call when there were no directors for the children's choir and I ended up co-directing.

Being in the children's choir pretty much set me on the path to do theater and music. For a while, my plan was to go to UNT and major in music (if you read my post Tuesday, you know how well that plan worked!). I spent a good part of my high school years on the stage, both at school and doing community theater.

Obviously, I no longer do theater, though I'd love to get back into it, but I still sing. I went home this past weekend and sang with the choir at church.

Over Christmas break, my friend from the children's choir and I went to go visit Kevin Keil and had to snap a picture.

Photo Credit


My Major

I've said it several times, but I'm a mass communications major. What does that mean? Well, it means a lot of things. My concentration is Public Relations and Advertising. Last month, I spent a week at an ad agency working with a bunch of creative people, and I absolutely loved it.

My dad was the one who originally suggested public relations, way back in ninth grade (We're always thinking ahead of the curve in my family). It was back when my biggest passion in life was theater. He said it would be a good job for me, writing and speaking publicly.

I brushed it off as a crazy idea.

And look now, four years later, here I am. Becoming a public relations gal.

I'm currently in three classes for my major. I've got a class specifically for public relations concentrations and it's pretty awesome.

I'm so excited for what my major is going to bring me!


I want an office

Yesterday, I was paroozing through Pinterest looking at amazing office ideas. I love looking at offices of bloggers, just to see how they did it. I love the idea of a home office!

But for now, all I have is my little desk in my dorm room. This is what I have to work with.


Catholic to the Core // Sunday School

Ash Wednesday (yesterday)

For most of my life, I was in Sunday school. At my church, you start when you're four and you don't stop until the end of your sophomore year.

That's a lot of time in sunday school. Which is now Faith Formation. But I call it religious ed. 

Confusing right? 

Sunday mornings were always church then class. And I was always the smart kid. We talked a lot about the history of the church, the morals, we talked about it all. And I always knew it all. At the time, I hated it, but looking back on it, Sunday school was one of the best things that ever happened to me. It instilled in me traditions and opinions I'd never have if it wasn't for those classes.

Sunday school is something I can only hope my kids will love as much as I do.


The Assassin, Part One

            “Are you nervous?” My partner asks. “You look like it.”
            I stare at him. “No, why do I look nervous?”
            “You’re shaking your leg and tapping you toes.”  Realizing he’s right, I suddenly stop. Signs of nerves are always considered a sign of weakness. We can’t afford to look weak. Kevin looks back at the elevator door. “We’ve got this,” he says. “It’s a simple mission.”
            “Yeah. We have to steal one of the world’s most famous diamonds,” I say. “That’s so simple. Especially in front of a bazillion people.”
            “No one is going to notice us. Just remember the cover-”
            I stick my hand up in protest. “I know, I know. We’re young money.” Every time, I add silently. “What happens when we aren’t young money anymore? When we aren’t young? One of these days we’ll be thirty and people will realize we don’t actually have money.”
            He tips his head back and laughs. “I’d hope that we’ll be legit agents by then. Not they’re little underground agents that don’t even show up on the government’s payroll.”
            He’s right. “It doesn’t matter,” I say. “We have a job, let’s get it done and so I can go back home.”
            “Oh, it must be nice to have a home,” he says.
            I roll my eyes. Now is not the time to listen to him lament about how he’s a wandering soul. He had the opportunity to find a home and he didn’t.
            The elevator opens up and Kevin slips his arm into mine. “Showtime,” he says.
            We step out of the elevator into the line. All that’s standing between the diamond and us is a pair of French doors. Kevin, always the charmer, talks up the woman behind us. He’s the cover, I’m the eyes.
            As he chats with people, I’m watching those in front of us, looking for any sign that our man is here.
            “Cassandra, dear, this is Melanie Starright,” Kevin says.
            I smile at her. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Ms. Starright.”
            “I just love your bracelet,” she says, motioning to the bracelet wrapped around my right wrist. She leans in to take a closer look.
            Kevin touches me on the lower back and I look up at him quickly. The look on his face tells me that he’s found our man and we need to act fast. “If you’ll excuse us, we need to go talk to some old friends,” I say to the old woman.
            She smiles at us and we leave her.
            “Where is he?” I ask.
            “He just went to the men’s room. You go wait by the diamond. Where’s the ear piece?”
            I open my clutch and pull out two tiny earpieces plus two equally small microphones. I hand one of each to him and put mine in place. Normally we put them in before we do a mission, but the metal detectors in the front of the building pick up the interference. Never enough to pinpoint what is causing the interference, but it would be enough to pull us over and ruin our mission.
            “You watch him, I’ll watch the diamond,” I say. Closing the clutch, I start walking back towards the double French doors.
            The line has died down and I enter the giant ballroom without any trouble.
            There are lines of tables filled with dining sets on the left. On the right is the diamond.
            “Cassie, he just left the bathroom. We’re headed into the ballroom. Unless you want to fight this guy for his diamond, I suggest you steal it now.”
            The diamond is currently surrounded by people. There’s no way I can sneak in and steal it with people there. “Kevin, I can’t.”
            “Excuse me, miss,” a young man slides past me. I barley glance at him to acknowledge him, but I do a double take at him.
            The man can’t be much older than myself. Given by the wine glass in his hand, he’s twenty-one at least, putting him at least a year older than myself. He’s tall; easily six foot seven, or maybe six-eight. I can only see his backside as he walks towards the diamond, but he’s got dark brown hair, and he’s got the backside of a guy who’s probably smoking hot.
            “Cassie, what are you doing?” The voice in my ear brings me back to reality. “Quit drooling over a nobody and get your ass over to that diamond.”
            I turn around and look at the doorway. Kevin is staring at me, and in a moment of teenage boy maturity, I stick my tongue out at him before I turn around and head towards the diamond case.
            Most people look at it, make some “oohs” and “ahs”, and move on to talk to people. Watching the tall man, I try to think of how I can get rid of him.
            By the time I walk across the ballroom to the case, he’s the only one there. I stand on the opposite side of the case from him and look down at it.
            “Trying to convince your boyfriend you need a sparkly new diamond?” he asks when I arrive.
            I just look at him. “What I do and do not do is none of your concern,” I say.
            The man throws his hands up as if he’s surrendering. “I was just making small talk. Don’t get mad at me if your boyfriend is a cheapskate,” he says.
            I just stare at him. “Considering you’ve had a thirty-second conversation with me, you make an awful lot of assumptions about my boyfriend and I. Haven’t you ever been taught about a little thing called manners?” I ask.
            He laughs. He’s got a deep, rich laughter. The kind that you’d want to laugh along with.
            “I’ve heard plenty about manners,” he says. “I grew up with a twin sister. A snobby, priss of a sister. A lot like yourself.” He winks at me.
            “I beg your pardon, you have no right to assume that I’m a snob or a priss.”
            “If you weren’t, you wouldn’t be offended,” he says.
            I’m losing my patience, and the more time I spend looking at this man’s amazing face, everything the backside promised it to be, I’m not looking at the diamond case.
            “I’m offended because you just assume that you know everything about me.”
            “Well, I would love to get to know more about you, but I have places to be. See ya later, Cupcake.” He picks up my hand and kisses it before he leaves.


downtown Huntsville

1. The abandoned warehouse across from Death Row. Inmates who were good used to work there, but now, it's only there because it's home to a colony of bats.
2.The Greyhound Bus station. Went in there once. Talk about a major culture shock.
3. Watch tower on Death Row. That was the only guy who didn't come out of his office to watch me walk down the street.
4. The movie poster for Laura. 
5. Hair salon that I went to last week!
6. Walker County Courthouse.


the year of mint

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

Everywhere you go these days, it's mint, mint, mint! So, I've decided it's the year of mint! I love this color! It's so nice and clean! 


catholic to the core//intro

One of the things I never talk about on the blog is my religion. It's a major concept of my life, so I feel like now would be the time to talk about it.

So, over the next few weeks, I'll be talking about my journey of faith, how my faith kind of shaped my life and my outlook on life.

This series, Catholic to the Core, isn't an attempt to try and convert anyone, that's your own decision, but, it is a huge part of my life, therefore, it's worth sharing on my blog.


Things Are Gonna Change

I've been blogging for almost three years now(next month is the anniversary!). Besides this past summer when I had nothing else to do, I've never been truly serious about blogging. And I've always wanted to be.

So, with the mindset of no time like the present, I bought a planner when I went to Target yesterday.

And then I planned a post for every week day for the next two months. I color coded it and everything(flair pens are the best!).

That's this month. March pretty much looks the same. I'm excited and scared at the same time. Many nights, I don't have the energy to write a full thought-out post, so this will be a challenge to see if I can get every single one of those posts up. I better!

Besides that, I'm working on some photography stuff that I can't wait to share with y'all (but you'll have to wait until next month!), and I'm working on a brand new design. I haven't sat down to actually design it on the computer yet, but if I can get the design to look anything like the one I've got in my head, it'll be epic. And it'll be here for a long time.

Something has completely resparked my desire to be the best blogger I can be.

And I hope you'll be along for the journey.


blogging love

Blogging is all about the community right? You read people's blogs, and other's read yours. I'm really bad about constantly checking up on blogs, but I realized, there are four blogs that I check on a regular (read daily) basis, so I thought I would share my favorite blogs so you could read them too.

After Nine to Five
I don't remember how I found Ashley's blog. I probably went blog hopping from somewhere. But Ashley is such a sweet lady. I co-hosted TIGF with her earlier this year and she started the Better Blogger Network. She's also got a decal shop, also entitled After Nine to Five and she has a vegan beauty product store called The Gnarly Whale. This girl really does it all, and she's got such a great way with words!   

Aunie Sauce

I'm pretty sure I found Aunie Sauce through KV's Confessions (another blog on here.) Aunie's from the great state of Idaho, and she's one of the nicest people ever. She's got a great sense of style and fabulous hair. Aunie and I exchange emails back and forth and I absolutely adore her. She's pretty amazing. 

KV's Confessions

Back when I found KV's Confessions it was known as Confessions of a Graphic Design Student. I do remember finding KV from After Nine to Five (let me just say, I'm a sucker for clicking on a pretty add! You never know what you're gonna find!) This girl's designing talents are out of here. Absolutely amazing. She's done so many great designs (she did the one for Aunie Sauce and her own. Plus a whole bunch more!) And, like Aunie, she's got a great sense of style. 

Wonder Forest

While all of these ladies are totally amazing, I'm not sure if there's anything Dana doesn't do. She runs her own design business. She makes stationaries. She's working on an app. She makes plush toys. She wrote a book about blogging that you can buy. Like a soft copy book (or e-book if that's your thing).  I don't know how she does it all.

So now that you know what blogs I love to read, what are some of your favorites? I'm always looking for new ones! 

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