TIGF :: Things I'm Grateful For

Every week, we take time to celebrate the things we're grateful for with Ashley from Hello Nature. 

finals being OVER!!! . perfect score on my solo production project . passing math . two Mary Kay parties . a month's vacation . the opportunity to jump start my Mary Kay career again . being home . Christmas bonuses from work . free yogurt in the morning . free limeade in the afternoon . passing all my classes . getting to see Mary Kay sisters I haven't seen since I moved . big plans that I have up my sleeves . going to Bible study with my mom . a warm heater and lots of blankets during this cold december . compliments on how great my skin is looking recently . finding it easier to talk to the people I care about the most . my mom . slowly getting my appetite back . and being able to just be alive in this crazy day in age 

What are you thankful for this week? 


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