December Goals

Wow. Where did November go? Even though I know life goes at a bazillion miles per hour, every time I switch the calendar, I'm still floored by how fast the month with. Wasn't it just yesterday that I was sitting here writing November goals?!

November was a BIG month in a bunch of ways. 20 years. Hunter Hayes. About twenty papers. Starting a new job. Really seeing LEC take off. November 2013 was one for the books. 
While all that good stuff happened, bad stuff happened too. I was bogged down with stress and had a bunch of breakdowns. My car was broken into. The door handle on my driver's side broke a few days later. 

There's only one big thing this month (besides Christmas). 


In some ways, I am MORE than ready for next week to come. I'm sick of all my classes and I'm ready to be like "I'm done!" My last final is Thursday afternoon and the minute I am done, I'm getting in my car and heading back to DFW. Funny how much I go home now. Any excuse is a good excuse to go home for me. Huntsville just has nothing to offer. 

So, if I'm gone for the next week and a halfish, I'll either be buried in studying or buried in my book. I think I've finally reached the point where the rest of it can be tweaked (I re-wrote the first 20K), which means I think I can finish it in the next three weeks (Cause once I get home, that is ALL I will be doing #hellohermitworld).

And, without further ado, here are my goals this month:

Actually, last month's goals: 


Start my new job
Find new locations in both Huntsville and Dallas for photoshoots
continue updating my portfolio with old pictures (as I grow my portfolio with updated pictures, I'll take these all down)
Senior shoot in Dallas
Mini-shoot in Huntsville
Learn to manage my time better
Pray a little bit more
Get stinking organized
Do more research on photography businesses
Go to the gym two or three times a week
Read at least two books (I join college and I never read anymore)
Finish or be really close to finishing this round of edits
Book cover!

So, I was going down the list and thinking "man, I did really well!" And then I didn't xD So, this month's goals:


My Mass Comm project (today!)
Study for finals
Continue journalling every night
Read every night (started The Hunger Games again last night) 
More praying this advent season
Organize and deep clean my bedroom before I leave for a month
Edit all my pictures
feature pictures on the photography blog
Save some money
pick up on Mary Kay again (school kind of bogged me down)
Plan Mass Music for long term.
Finish this round of edits for The Assassin
book cover!!! (for real this time)

What's on your goal list this month? 


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