I was lucky enough to grow up in a super safe city, like, I think it's considered one of the ten safest cities in America...? Ok, correction, one of the top fifty safest cities in America.

So, needless to say, I grew up where crime didn't exist. Crime just didn't exist. It's ok to walk outside at night, it's okay to feel safe there.

Yet, maybe my obsession with crime and Investigation Discovery, plus a natural paranoia, doesn't make me feel totally safe. I'm always on my guard.

And Saturday morning, not even my paranoia could predict what was coming. All my roommates went to their lake house for the weekend, leaving me alone. Whatever, I threw the top lock, locked my bedroom door and slept with my pepper spray. 

At 4:15 in the morning, I was abruptly awoken by the sound of a car alarm going off. I grabbed my keys and ran to my roommate's bedroom (it looks out onto the street). I didn't see anything, and since I didn't see anything, I assumed it was some stupid college kids who couldn't figure out where the panic button on their key chain was.

5:20 AM rolls around and my phone rings. It's one of my roommates, telling me she is coming home in half an hour and to unlock the door.

I unlock the door and ten minutes later, I hear the sound of someone walking in. I text her to make sure it's her, telling her I "have a slight paranoia about people breaking and entering." 



ha. haha. 

If only I had known then.

flash forward to ten in the morning. I'm walking to my car to go pick up my friend. I go one way, get halfway down the road when a cop car turns the corner and I remember that I didn't park over there (parking is hard at my complex). 

The cop car passes me and pulls up to another stretch of parking. I parked over there, but on the back side, so I pass the cop car, the cop and the two poor college kids standing next to their broken in passenger seat window. 

Walked down to my car, turned to the drivers side and stopped.

And the proceeded to walk right back to the cop and inform her that my car had been attacked too. 

Thankfully, nothing was stolen. But they did go through my glove compartment and my middle console and they trashed the front seat of the car. Everything in my glove compartment and console, they took and threw out.

There was glass everywhere. In the parking spot, under the door, on the floor mat, and most of it was the driver's seat. 

When I drove to Houston to get it fixed, I had to sit on my sun visor for the windshield. 

It's the first time something like this has happened to me, and it's scary. Especially being alone. I keep my personal things private and I'm a private person in someways. And this kid just totally broke through that.

I've spent most of the weekend processing what happened and what I can do to keep it from happening again. I'm planning to thoroughly clean out my car tomorrow so that if the kid comes back for round two, there won't be anything worth trashing it for. 

I guess the moral of this story is, be careful, there's scary stuff out there looking to get into your head and your heart.

Just be careful, don't leave valuable stuff where people can see it. 


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