November Goals

Oh my gosh, y'all, it's November! NOVEMBER! In 13 days, I'll no longer be a teenager!! Man, it's a busy, busy month! So, if I fall off the side of the earth and this place gets a little quiet, that's why.

This month, I'll spend three weekends in a row back in Dallas, two weekends in Huntsville and a whole lot of time going up and down I-45.

Once I get through this month, I'll come back the Sunday after Thanksgiving, have a week of classes and then finals week. I feel like I just moved back to Huntsville and I still feel like I haven't unpacked all my stuff from my last house move.

And, last but not least, Amy and I get to go see Hunter Hayes this month in Dallas. I'm really excited to be able to spend the night with my little sister and have it just be us. I never get to just hang out with her anymore, even when I am visiting at home, so she'll be stuck with me for a whole night. Mwhahaha (Love you, Amy!).

I'm also dying to spend more time with my hands on my camera, some hopefully I'll get to do photoshoots here in Huntsville and I have at least one booked back in DFW for when I go home.

Needless to say, October was busy but November is gonna be gone in a blink of an eye! But, I have a lot of things I want to do and a lot of goals I will accomplish this month.


Rebrand old photos from MBB to LEC  - work in progress. I literally started this at 9PM Halloween night 
Add 3 people to my Mary Kay team (I say this every month, but my business is on FIRE lately)
Edit (Have completed, digital copy of edits)
start going back to the gym (did this yesterday. Got a parking ticket while I was there)
Find new photo locations in both Flower Mound and Huntsville
Talk to one person about Mary Kay everyday
Do some research about a new camera lens
Get on target for my Chevy Cruze (or the cash)
Photos from the Special Olympics event I'm going to next weekend
Complete my MCOM 2381 project

November Goals

Start my new job
Find new locations in both Huntsville and Dallas for photoshoots
continue updating my portfolio with old pictures (as I grow my portfolio with updated pictures, I'll take these all down)
Senior shoot in Dallas
Mini-shoot in Huntsville
Learn to manage my time better
Pray a little bit more
Get stinking organized
Do more research on photography businesses
Go to the gym two or three times a week
Read at least two books (I join college and I never read anymore)
Finish or be really close to finishing this round of edits
Book cover!


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