Let's Get Real Here

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It's time to get real here. Like, honest to goodness, no one wants to hear the sad truth kind of real. 

It doesn't take a genius to realize that things are slow and kind of quite around here. And it makes me sad, it really does.

But y'all, life is throwing me curveball after curveball. A few weeks ago, I went to the ER for severe neck pains (it was just a side-effect of hitting my head on the trunk door), and I spent two days after sleeping thanks to some lovely hydrocodone to thank for that.

I started a new job the same week, and while it's not a lot, it's still an adjustment on my schedule and life. I'm loving it, but it was something I was not anticipating. 

Then this weekend, that son of a bitch (it's my blog, I can cuss if I want to) broke into my car and my whole weekend of productivity went down the drain (hello trip to Houston!). 

And all of that has happened in the past three weeks. I haven't been home since any of that happened. But I am going home this weekend, and I've got a senior shoot and birthday celebrations (TWENTY PEOPLE. I AM ONLY FOUR DAYS AWAY FROM NOT BEING A TEENAGER!).

On top of that is my real job called being a student. It seems like every week I'm cranking out two or three papers, usually back to back (last week I wrote two papers in a day). I have three to four tests a week, multiple projects and numerous papers.

On top of that, I'm going home this weekend for my birthday, next weekend for the Hunter Hayes concert (HECK YES!) and then I have to come back to Huntsville for class for two days before I go back to Dallas for Thanksgiving. 

After Thanksgiving, we have one week of classes and then finals. After finals, I'll be, like, 45% done with my college career (graduation goal is December 2015 - I should graduate May 2016). 

On top of trying to edit a book for publication (Which is kind of crashing and burning), I literally have no time left. I'm trying to wrap my mind around how the hell I do everything I do. And I can't come up with a good answer because I don't think there is one. 

All of this is leaving me exhausted. I took a nap at 6:45 last night night cause I couldn't stay awake. I feel like many more of those naps will be happening soon. I'm not surviving otherwise. 

Needless to say, if I'm not here for the rest of the month (or the first two weeks of next month), you now know why. 

Now excuse me while I go to math class. 


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