Popularity Contest

This post originally showed up on the Better Blogger Network's blog.
I’ve been blogging for three and a half years now, some may call me an expert, some may say I need to give it all up. I don’t have fabulous statistics, great page views, or a mega following.
I’d be lying if I said that doesn’t ever bother me. Sometimes it does. Sometimes I want to be blog famous and popular. I know a lot of big bloggers (at least those I perceive to be “big” bloggers). But after three years, I realized, it doesn’t matter.

Yes, it’s great to have fabulous stats and great page views – but that’s not what’s important in blogging. So many people have made blogging out as some kind of popularity contest – and it’s not. Blogging should be a representation of who you are. I’m in college, college is too big to have anyone be the most popular person on campus.
And even if there was, it certainly would not be me. I’m okay with that. In life and in blogging. Trying to be popular and cheating yourself in blogging (and in life), gets you nothing. Being true to yourself gives you the ability to look back later in life and see what happened in your life.

Life shouldn’t be a popularity contest. Neither should blogging. Both should be a reflection of the true you. So stay true to yourself and you’ll find your popularity is with those who are meant to be there for you.


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