Photography Jar

I'm horrible about saving money. It's gotten me into some trouble this year and I'm struggling to make ends meet. But, as I push and push for LEC to start making some money, the money I make will go straight into that jar. It's only a few dollars (and that's being optimistic!), but I want LEC to be self-sustaining. There are a few things I'd love to buy for my business, like a tripod, a new lens (or two!) and an iMac.

I work off of a macbook pro and while I love it, Iv'e got so many photos on this laptop, it's beginning to slow down and throw tantrum fits while I try to edit photos. I want an iMac to use as a business computer - for editing pictures and working on graphic design. But, I don't want that money to come from jobs or Mary Kay, I want that money to pay for that iMac and everything else I use for LEC to come from LEC. 

It may be a while, but I will have that iMac before I graduate! 

Do you have any goals you're saving for? 


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