One Month

Note: I am NOT going bald, despite what this picture seems to think.

I realized last night, I only have ONE month of being a teenager left. And then I realized between this and 21 Before 21 the other day, this is one-month countdown week to 20th birthday? I've done a lot in my teens and I can't believe there's only 31 days left. 

When my friend, Andrew, turned 20 earlier this year, I teased him about being old. Does this mean I'm gonna be old too? 

Well, I'm an old soul anyways. 

So, here's to one more month of being a teenager. The end of one chapter. 

It's been a big year (But lets talk about that next month, ok?)

So, here's to one more month. One more month.

Crazy, ain't it? 

Happy Thursday! Hopefully y'all are warm (nasty cold front came through Tuesday night) and have a great day! 


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