top: target // jeans: target // boots: macy's // necklace: mary kay // earrings: charming charlie

Maybe it's this old purity ring I wear on my finger, but I've always been a modest dresser. T-shirts are my go-to outfit, every day. But every now and then, you gotta spice it up a bit and look decent. But even my "looking decent" is pretty covered up. It was 85 degrees outside last week (add some massive humidity to it and you'll understand my pain), but here I was wearing riding boots.

Modesty is something that I've adapted both because of my faith and my wavering opinion of my own body. Yeah, I mean, I want to be pretty and such, but I've always run in the middle of the road in looks (at least I'd like to think so). I want people to be impressed by me, personally and what I'm doing with my life.

Being "sexy" looking isn't something on the top of my list (though if you ask some friends, I'm sure they'd say I'd have a boyfriend if it was :P). I believe modesty in a way is sexy. Waiting to expose it all to one special person, that makes you special, because you're willing to wait.

I'll always be a modest dresser.

And that's perfectly fine for me.

Oh, extra goodie today:

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Anonymous said...

modesty is so beautiful. i agree with you!

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