a fresh start

The past few months since the end of MBB and the beginning of LEC, I've really been struggling to find a design and a logo that represent me. I could never find a good solid idea that was ME.

I've gone back and forth on ideas, color schemes, logos, everything. But I think I've found what I want.  I originally wanted to go for a lighter blue and a shade a little bit more red, but I found this gorgeous color combination on Pinterest of navy and coral and it suddenly hit me, I needed it. I've seen the color combo many times before, but I feel like it's just hit in me in the face the past few days.  I added the beige as a soft color because quite frankly, I'm sick of grey. I wanted something bright and happy.

So, needless to say, I think this one is stay for a long while. And I couldn't be happier.

Oh, also, happy birthday to my daddy! Love him so much!


07 08 09 10
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