As I look at this picture, I'm realizing just how clear my skin is looking. AND I AM LOVING IT. (like, it's so clear, I didn't do ANY TOUCH UP ON MY FACE - and I never thought I would be able to say that).

Everyone has their lucky number. Mine has always been twenty-four. As a kid, in basketball, I always wanted to be 24 or the closest number to 24.

24 has also been a significant date in my life, especially in the past few years. Just a few examples?

1. May 24th - the day I got dumped (I always thought this was a bad sign, but now, in my wiser days, I realized I really dodged a bullet on that one!)

2. May 24th (a year later) - met my first roommate in college and one of my now closest friends on that day.

3. April 24th - Cassie Dreandry's birthday is April 24th. I swear, I did not plan that!

4. April 24th - I took a chance on life and signed my Mary Kay agreement on April 24th.

And now, it's been six months and I'm having a blast. 24 is my number and I'm pretty sure if I get married/engaged, it'll be when I'm 24. I hope.

Who knows, maybe I'll get married on the 24th? How funny would that be?

24 is my lucky number. What's yours?

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