Wear // Purple + Boots

shirt: khols | necklace + earrings: charming charlie | jeans: target | boots: cavendar's

Can we just take a moment to even acknowledge the fact that I am doing a STYLE post. And that I look like I'm in pain in that picture up there. The sun was super bright and I was staring almost directly at it (the photographer was right next to the sun). 

That face right there, I just don't even know. That's talent to make a face that great right there. 

This was me falling over. Props to David for catching it. And that's not the only picture he caught of me falling. That's just the only one you'll see. 

Oh, little Connor the car update: Turns out Connor's starter died this weekend, which explains why he wouldn't start. Monday morning he was towed away (I DID NOT CRY!) and yesterday morning I got a call from the repair man saying he was all fixed. After spending an hour trying to find someone to take me to go get him (thank God for adult friends in college towns!), I finally walked in to the old repair shop and they gave me my key. 

Let me tell you, the sound of Connor's engine coming on never sounded so sweet. I was panicking this past weekend about him not working because I was planning to go home soon and I kind of need Connor to do that! 

So, Connor is sitting outside my house in the parking lot, working perfectly fine. 


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