The Breakdown

All week last week, I had people tell me "Laura, you need to take a day off. Take some 'me' time and just relax."

Of course, I never relax. I have workaholic in my blood. I'm constantly going, going, going. 

Then Saturday happened. I was on my way to do a facial for Mary Kay. Walked to my car, put my stuff in the passenger seat, sat down in my seat. Put the key in the ignition, turned it.

And nothing happened. 

Tried again, thinking I must not have turned it all the way.

Still nothing.

After a few frantic phone calls to a family friend, moving my car into the middle of the street, and a nice guy who came and tried to jump my car for several hours. 

Sunday afternoon, I got the battery tested and it's perfectly fine, so we're left with crossing our fingers that it's the starter and not something more serious. When I woke up this morning, I made a few phone calls and soon watched away as they took him away:

It'll be Wednesday before I get him back. But for now, I'm just hoping it all goes well. 


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