comfort zone

 "The greatest things happen beyond your comfort zone." - Unknown (aka, Laura doesn't actually remember who said that.)

I'm pretty sure I BSed half of that quote, but whatever the original quote was, it's the same gist. Life's greatest moments really do happen outside of our comfort zone. 

Ask anyone who really knows me and "shy" is probably not the first word that comes to mind. "Crazy" and "loud" are two serious contenders. 

But to people I don't know? Oh, "shy" is definitely what I am. I don't like talking to people I don't know if I don't have to. Especially about myself. About what I do.  

That's a problem. In Mary Kay, we have a thing called "warm chatter" about asking women we don't know to help us out, whether by being a model for our before and after portfolios or to help us with 30 Faces in 30 days (I WILL DO THAT GOSH DARN IT!) 

There's two problems with that for me. "talking to people" and "people I don't know." But a few weeks ago, I realized, I was never going to grow my business (or myself for that matter) if I didn't just ask. I saw a girl sitting outside the library, and before I had time to even process what the hell I was doing, I went and asked if she would be a model for my before and after portfolio. 

Thankfully she said yes. Even after I told her I was terrified to get the nerve to ask her. Stephanie (that's her name) really opened up my eyes for me. With so much negativity, it's amazing how all it takes is asking for a favor from a girl and she'll more than likely be willing to help you.

What a sweet girl, I really hope life treats her well. 

Yesterday, I realized I needed to do it again. It had been a week and a half since I asked, and I knew the longer I waited to ask, the harder it would be to ask. So while sitting in the LSC, I jumped from one table to the table next to me totally unprepared and asked a girl if she would model for me. 

And even though I had no business cards on me (left them in my purse) and was totally a mess about it, she said yes.

Moments like this really prove that amazing things happen outside of your comfort zone. 


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