Bloggers Block

Well, I always plan to post on Monday's, but let's be real. Plans only equate to an actual post on Monday, maybe once a month? But that's totally okay, because I always try to write my posts ahead of time, like the night before. Sunday nights consist of choir and mass, so my Sunday nights are often hectic and I usually run on auto pilot. 

That and the fact that I really have no idea what to talk about. I've got a whole list of potential blog post ideas, but I just can't ever seem to find the time to write them, or I want to save them for another time. Excuse after excuse. 

Maybe someday, I'll write about all those things, but right now, I feel like life is running at about a bazillion miles per hour. Between classes, homework, church, editing a book, Mary Kay, photography.... 

It's crazy. I have all these things that I do, but I feel like nothing is happening worth talking about. I feel like all the stuff that I want to talk about is still in the future. 

When you feel like life is in stagnation what are you supposed to talk about?

Posts like these make me think I have way too much free time to ponder stuff. 

Happy Tuesday! 


Laura Elizabeth said...

I'm right there with you!

Laura Elizabeth said...

It's hard to blog all all the time. And, it's okay to step back and take a mini break.

Laura Elizabeth said...

This is me, exactly, right now. I have many ideas just not enough time and energy to sit down and write them!

Laura Elizabeth said...

And it's moments like this that I cherish not being a lifestyle blogger.. I think I would go insane.

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