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Day two of Blogtember is upon us! We'll se how many days I actually keep up with. Jenni's come up with some of the greatest prompts that I would have never even considered!

If you could take three months off from your current life and do anything in the world, what would you do?

Three months? It's called summer! That I just finished... I still can't believe classes have started again. But, if I could take three months off? I'd go travel the country. Maybe rent an RV and just see the country. 

I'd love to go back to Sedona, Arizona, also known as the land of the green McDonald's arch, for sure. My family went there a few years ago and it was so nice. It was during the middle of a Texas summer, and since Sedona is up in the mountains, it was super nice to be cool! 

I'd also love to visit Washington DC again, maybe in the fall, since everyone would be in school and not vacationing. 

If I could go anywhere else, I'd love to go to Florida, to see the beach. The closet beach here is Galveston, and it's not the nicest beach around. I'd love to see the pretty colors, the nice breeze, and maybe, just maybe come home with a tan (a ginger can wish, right?!).

Before my three months were up, I'd stop in NYC. There was a point in my life (like last year) where I wanted to move to NYC after I graduated. Now, not so much. I do want to visit though. I want to experience the busy noises, see the monuments, visit the 9/11 site, see a Broadway show. There's so much you can do in NYC, and I want to do it all. 

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Where would you go for three months if you could drop every thing? 


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