Not So Normal Love Story

This is a guest post I used to do as a sponsor way back in 2012 and 2011 so I thought it would be fun to update it and share it on my blog. 

One of my biggest passion in life is writing books. Out of all my passions that I chase after everyday, this has been the longest one. It's a part of me that just can't be replaced. 

You see, if you read books, you know how a well crafted character can really pull at your emotional strings, make you want them, make you cry for them, make you hate everyone in their lives for them. Readers thinks it’s frustrating when characters don’t do things the way the readers think they ought to.

Let me just say, readers have it easy. In order to be an author, you live with these characters in your head. Literally, I can't get them out of my head. My roommate's boyfriend has the same name as one of my characters and every time she mentions him, I think to myself how does she know about that character?! Oh, wait... 

And, like any good author, of course my book is going to feature a very good looking guy that my main character is going to fall for – it wouldn’t be a great adventure if she didn’t. More like, it wouldn't sell if it didn't.

That’s all nice and everything that she likes him, but no one ever told me what I was supposed to do when I fell for him. But, I guess, in hindsight, I should have known that it would happen. Authors, especially lady authors, tend to dump everything they could ever possibly want in a man into their main love interest.

I mean, I want to like the guy at the very least. If my own character can't make me like him and he's the love interest, we're in major trouble. 

After a while, readers will forget a character, find new ones to crush on, but as a writer, my characters will probably be stuck in my head until the day I die. My characters are as real to me as the person walking down the street.

I've never loved a real man, but I've loved several fictional ones. 

Yeah, I'll admit, it sucks, loving a man who really can't love you back, but honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way. 


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