Little Life Updates + Friday Jams

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Today is the third day of classes, and I think I've already lost my mind. 16 hours are going to be hard. American Sign language 2, Government, Visual Communications, Composition two and college mathematics (again). 

But on the plus side, I've been an editing machine.

On paper.

I'm editing on paper like crazy. Before class, after class, during lunch, at night, while working out on the elliptical at the gym (yes, I've already started going back after not going at ALL this summer). I'm starting off slow (only 30 minutes a day), but I'm hoping by mid-September to be 60 minutes on the elliptical every day (when I left Huntsville in May, I was averaging 550-630 calories burned every day). 

I haven't worked on my photography website since before I moved. The past two weeks, I feel like everything I've been working on has been put on hold. Life was totally calm and collected, and everything was in place.

And I went to Seminar at the end of July, and I feel like I never quite caught up with the game the rest of the summer. And then I blinked and low and behold, it's the end of August and I'm living in Huntsville again. 

Life is totally crazy and I'm barely hanging on, but I'm still hanging on.

Here's some jams I've been listening to all week! Enjoy your weekend and STAY SAFE during your long weekend! 


Laura Elizabeth said...

Ugh, I did NOT workout at ALL this summer and well, I am sadly showing that. Good for you for being so productive!

Laura Elizabeth said...

you're doing great! also, just realized... our blog designs are so similar! and that's zeyada font you use in your blue, right? even your sidebars... so similar! :) it's fun!

Laura Elizabeth said...

Haha, they kind of are! I didn't even think about that! And no, I don't think it is. It's a pea font, I believe.

Laura Elizabeth said...

well it's fun being simi-twinners :)

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