Let me just start out with this: I carry a lot in my purse. I've lovingly dubbed it my black hole. And now, you will see why. 

Yes, I do carry four notebooks in my purse. Each one is for a specific reason. The gold stripes one is for the blog, ideas, to-do lists, directions I want to take the blog in. The blue polka dots is for writing. I carry ideas in there, scenes that I want to write. Pink is for anything Mary Kay related. Orange is for my photography.  

Maybe I'm weird for carrying deodorant in my purse, but y'all, the high yesterday was 105, I sweat all the time. I put this on at least three times a day! The lip balm is from The Gnarly Whale. I love this stuff! It's cherry flavored and I don't even like cherry! 

Why yes, that is two pairs of the same type of sunglasses. I bought one pair, then left them at my MK sales director's house and I didn't know when I would get to see her again, so the next morning, I went and bought the same exact pair. Sides, you never know when you need a second pair.

This wallet is three years old, at least. All the white in the flowers is now a muddy color. I switched it out earlier this summer when my little elephant card thing wasn't enough to stuff everything in but I wasn't carrying a purse. Business cards are a must. You never know when you'll find someone who needs your information! 

I also carry a pencil case (I hate digging for pens in the bottom of the black hole) and notecards. The note cards have a purpose, but I haven't gotten down to it yet, so they just sit there in the the shrink wrap. 

If my purse was bigger, I'd stuff way more into it, but it won't close as it is now!

What do you carry in your purse? 


Laura Elizabeth said...

It's not strange to carry deodorant, especially in the summer in Texas!

Laura Elizabeth said...

I definitely don't think carrying deodorant is strange but even if I did I would much rather that person smell good than have stinky pits. ;) Haha!

Laura Elizabeth said...

I need to carry deodorant in my bag constantly! I also always have to have lip stuff!


Laura Elizabeth said...

I carry a lot around in my purse too!! But when I'm running around town, I just carry my little wristlet from Target. My purse gets tooo heavy!! LOL

Laura Elizabeth said...

ha! i prefer a teeny tiny purse. you're like my sister... i call it a suitcase purse! :)

Laura Elizabeth said...

When I'm at school, I don't even carry a purse! I stick my wallet and keys in my backpack. I'm not sure where I came up with all this stuff to carry around!

Laura Elizabeth said...

This one is killing my shoulder! Can't wait to stuff it all in my backpack!

Laura Elizabeth said...

Good to hear! Cause I need it!

Laura Elizabeth said...

That's what I'm saying! The worst part is when I get in the car after a long day and try to put it on in the car while sitting in the parking lot highway.

People judge you on that kind of thing.

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