I Met a President!

Okay, okay, I didn't really meet a president. But Sunday afternoon, my dad and I went to the George W. Bush Presidential Library at SMU (I don't even remember what that stands for). It's only a few miles away from where I used to work! I didn't get too many pictures, but I figured I'd share a few.

There's a rose garden outside of the Oval Office and I had to snap a few pictures of this super pretty purple flower. My dad and I got pictures at the Oval Office, but the windows and the lighting behind the desk totally washed my dad's face out and I'm not much better. I'll have to go back on a cloudy day! 

Last year after Freshman Orientation, my dad and I stopped at Texas A&M to see Bush 41's library, so I love the fact that Bush 43 had these statues of his dad and himself. And these statues were freaking giants! I'm not a short girl (5'7") but they were at least 7 feet tall! 

Mid-hair flip. But hey! My shorter hair is, like, ten times easier to style and it looks good. At least until I wake up in the morning.

Last weekend, the manual setting on my camera finally clicked! I could tell you what every little setting could do, but it never all came together to make sense. But, now that it does, I took the time to snap the little fountain. Just wait until I go back to Sam and take pictures of that fountain! 

So, needless to say, I had fun at the library! 

How was everyone else's weekend? 

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Laura Elizabeth said...

yayyy! and the new design is great!

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