Grass, I Hate You

I did not edit this photo at all, so that's why it looks funky. 

Let me just start out by saying that I absolutely hate grass. Why? Well, I'm allergic. But sadly, I have fallen in love with a profession that requires me to climb and roll around in the grass. 

I did three photoshoots this weekend. One where I was actually in front of the camera a little bit of the time (Allie and I got back to taking photos). 

Three photoshoots and I've only edited about five photos, but I did spend most of Saturday working on my website. The website is pretty much done, I just need to add more photos to it before I push it live and let people see it. But, I figured I could give y'all a sneak peek of what it looks like, right? 

I'm hoping to have the website DONE done by the time I move back to Huntsville, which is um, NEXT FRIDAY.

I've been so busy, that fact hasn't sunk in yet. There's still so much I have to do before I move. Summer, where did you go?! 

Oh yeah, and my whole book plan is kind of taking a backseat, but I will edit today! I honestly do not know how I keep everything organized in my mind.

How was everyone's weekends? And how the heck do you get everything done? 


Anonymous said...

ugh i didn't get ANYTHING done (hardly)... it just keeps piling up! and WHATTT, that is NOT a preview! i need more!

Anonymous said...

That's me too! I keep telling all my friends "i'm ready to move so I can get free time BACK!" And haha, you'll see more, I promise!

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