Photo Credit | Dress: Target // Necklace + Earrings: Charming Charlie

Ever notice how the term "lifestyle" blogger almost always goes hand in hand with the term "fashion" blogger? There's always style posts, or "Shop my closet" sales. Everyone wants to know where you get all your accessories from, where do you shop?! 

I am the farthest thing from a fashion blogger. That dress is probably the cutest thing I own, 75% of my closet is orange Sam Houston State t-shirts (I have 12! and that's only the orange ones. I have not orange SHSU shirts too). I own a few sundresses that I hardly wear, and maybe three blouses? And two are long sleeved so I'm not wearing them in the summer (heat index today is 107!). 

My daily wardrobe consists of t-shirts (usually SHSU ones) and blue jeans. And tennis shoes. I've worn cowboy boots twice this summer maybe? I may be Texan, but I'm a suburbs girl through and through.

I work for a company where we wear blue jeans and shorts everyday. Extremely laid back dress code. 

I always pick comfort over style but I see so many bloggers who've seemed to find both. I don't know where, but maybe someday I'll find that.

For now, I'm a fashionotsa, a girl who doesn't always reflect the current trends, because comfort never goes out of style. Maybe I will be someday, but for now, I'll take my orange t-shirts and tennis shoes any day. 


Anonymous said...

I recently wrote a post about this! Im a certified jeans and tshirt girl and proud of it!!

Anonymous said...

you look amazing http://differentcands.blogspot.kr/2013/08/whatiwear-competition-winner.html

Anonymous said...

Um.... I once posted about how I was an "unfashion" Blogger, and look, now my most popular thing (for people to read, anyway) is my style posts. Funny how that works, huH? PS> love seeing my name in your "daily reads" sidebar. Thank you!

Also, you look beautiful. Comfort, as you said, is ALWAYS in style.

Anonymous said...

Well, I don't have that many clothes, so I could go through all of it in less than a month. And I have no one to do style pictures of me. :P

And of course you're over there! And thank you, that means so much!

Anonymous said...

My trick is a tripod :)

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