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Yesterday, my roommate, Saige, and I were talking about how one of the things I want to do more than anything while in college is drive around and find every single prison in and around Huntsville. Which led me to tell her how I almost was a CJ (criminal justice) major. 

So, how does one go from CJ to PR+ Advertising? In high school, I took a CJ class junior year. It took up two class periods and I learned a LOT. I was still high off of my top pick on inkpop so I was super excited to take a class about criminal justice and forensics.

Well, halfway through the semester, I realized I had a lot more fun just writing about blood splatter  than I did analyzing the damn stuff (squeamish girl here!). And while the experience for the classes wasn't the best (ex-boyfriends/jerks tend to do that), the one thing I'll take away from those CJ classes is the fact that those classes put SHSU on my radar.

If I hadn't found SHSU, I don't even know where I'd be right now. Probably living at home, attending community college. 

Or, had I not met my friend Taylor at church, had we not been roommates for three years at DCYC, had she not been persistent in being my friend all those years, I would have never met Andrew, who in turn introduced me to my roommate.

Looking back now, it's crazy how for life to happen the way it does, everything has to happen just so, or it won't happen. 

Oh, another example, had I not been living with my roommate last year, I wouldn't have been exposed to Mary Kay. I wouldn't have met all these wonderfully strong women that I've met this summer. 

Maybe this is evidence that everything does happen for a reason. Whatever it is, as I look back on how everything worked perfectly to lead me to this place today, I know that it's all because every little step counts and I feel so blessed to be here. 


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