Teachers Need Support Too

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Participant Media and the TEACH | TakePart movement, but the story is 100% my own. 

Teachers are such an important part of our life. For the first 20 some odd years of our life, we spend more time with teachers at school than with our parents. Without teachers, where would we be? 

Last year, as I dove into college, I took a class that was pretty much a survival guide for freshmen. My professor, Ms. Payne, was funny, smart and ridiculously too nice. She was young enough to get into the class with us and she seemed more like a friend than a teacher. An older sister or so. 

Teachers really change us, for the better, all the time, whether or not we realize it. But did you know that they predict that 65% of teachers will retire? 

It's important to make sure that we continue to support teachers and those who want to become teachers. In fact, for a while, I thought I was going to become a teacher. I did teach at church. 

Teachers give so much to us, shouldn't we give to them? They need support and love too, the same way they give it to us. One way that Participant Media is supporting teachers is by highlighting four public school teachers (I went to public school) who strive to be the best teachers than they can be. The Teach program will air on September 6th at 8PM Eastern Standard Time (7 PM Texas time!). To get an idea of these teachers, watch the trailer here. This trailer gave me massive goosebumps while I watched. To watch the video, click here.
Also want to know what's awesome? Classes start today.


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