D A Y T H R E E | Mary Kay Seminar

Day Three! Day three was Saturday and the very last day of seminar. -sad face- We had one final general session, and we listened to the top three sales directors. Fun fact, the #2 is the sales director we do our meetings with every week. So, yeah, I personally know the #2 sales director in the Ruby Seminar. How cool is that?!

That's her! The lovely Brenda! Can't wait to see what she talks about tonight at our meeting! These pictures are from Friday night when she was named #2, but I didn't get any pictures from her speech cause I was too busy taking notes. 

During Seminar, my sales director, Shelley, gave us a packet full of questions we had to fill out, like talk to a red jacket and get advice, or talk to two sales directors. We also had to get pictures with two ladies from other units, so I killed two birds with one stone, and asked for advice and a picture from two wonderfully nice sales directors. For filling the packet out, I got some pretty awesome earrings (and if you know me, you know I love my dangly earrings!) 

All in all, seminar was unlike anything else I've ever attended, but in a good way. There was such confidence boosting everywhere you turned, and I totally needed that! Beyond that, there was lots of love, lots of partying, and lots of business talk. I left energized (but exhausted), excited for the future (but cranky cause we didn't have lunch), and full of pins and bling and lots of amazing memories. Even if you aren't a part of Mary Kay, I still think every woman needs to attend Seminar, or something along the lines. Nothing but amazing experiences and memories and I CAN NOT wait for Seminar 2014! Or Leadership 2014 in January (I WILL get to Leadership!)! 

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