The Writing Journey

I worked in the publishing industry for a few months and boy, did I learn a lot in those few months. One of the biggest things I learned was that you need a strong web presence, including a website. A few months ago, I had a website on wordpress.com but I hated the templates and the lack of creative control. 

So, I forgot about it. 

My intention was to always get back to blogger and build an author website on that platform. Blogger is just a language I understand and know like the back of my hand.

I just didn't anticipate it to take me two months into summer to get there. But now it's done. There isn't much, but it's just a start. 

The site will be a way to document my life as I work out this self-publishing. Don't worry, I'll still be here, but it'll be nice to have a website specifically for my writing. 

To visit the website, click here! I'm so excited to finally show it off! 


Laura @ Howdy Girl said...

it looks great! love the black & red. you go girl!

Laura @ Howdy Girl said...

So excited for you! Can't wait to see more of your journey!

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