Rookie of the Year (Another Mary Kay Post)

Ignore the quality of that photo. I was exhausted, using my iPhone, and it was probably midnight when I took that. 

One of the things that I love about Mary Kay is the warm, kind, giving spirit of every woman I meet in Mary Kay. When I'm having a bad day, my Mary Kay sisters are there to lift my spirits and cheer me on to do some of my craziest dreams. They're pushing me to get my car by December (DECEMBER PEOPLE!!) They encourage me to keep on going when the rest of the world (and myself) thinks I've lost the steam to keep going.

I've been in Mary Kay for two and a half months (July 24th is my 3 month anniversary!) In two weeks (more like a week and a half), I signed two brand new team members. I earned my first prize in Mary Kay before I moved home for the summer, my pearls of sharing earrings. Earned the bracelet a few weeks ago. 

I've been #2 and #3 on orders the two months I've placed stuff. While I don't like to brag, y'all, that is freaking awesome! Even when I feel like I'm horrible at it, I look at all the things I've been rewarded in Mary Kay in just a few months (both materialistic and not). But last night was not something I was expecting.

It was the end of the seminar year awards. Having only been around for two and a half months, I wasn't expecting anything at all. Maybe a participation award (which I did get!), but that was it.

I didn't even know that someone could be Rookie of the Year, but I am the rookie of the year. In a world where you're expected to go to the top because it's your job, it sure is awfully nice to be rewarded for working my little tushie off, right? 

I've only been around for two and a half months and I'm the youngest girl in the unit, but it was pretty awesome to know that people were noticing me! 

This is just the beginning. This seminar year will be my first full year in Mary Kay and I'm so excited for everything that I'm going to accomplish in Mary Kay. Sure, some people may think it's weird or strange, but Mary Kay has brought so many blessings into my life, especially when I've needed them the most.

For me, this award isn't that I'm the best (because I'm not - not by a long shot), but I guess, a sign from God that I actually managed to do something right for once!!

Happy Monday everyone! 


Laura Toeniskoetter said...

Congratulations! :) I was a MK consultant a lifetime and a half ago (the consultant life is absolutely not for me, unfortunately). That company boasts a wonderful product line and, more importantly, a fantastic team of supportive, encouraging men and women who are so, so excited to help you achieve your goals and be successful. I love how much you love it! :) Keep rocking, lady! :)

Laura Toeniskoetter said...

atta girl! so proud of you!

Laura Toeniskoetter said...

Oh, it's always wonderful to meet other consultants, even former ones! And I completely understand about not being a consultant. I was dragged in kicking and screaming! I wanted nothing to do with selling stuff, but their products are amazing! I started using them when I became a consultant and people are always like "your face is clearing up so much!" And thank you for the sweet words!

Laura Toeniskoetter said...

Aww, thanks Aunie! You're too sweet! Love you!! <3

Laura Toeniskoetter said...

Congratulations! You looks like you are rocking it! You may have come in dragging and screaming, but now it looks like you're shouting and excited. Kudos to you!

Laura Toeniskoetter said...

I'm doing my best to rock it! And thank you!

Laura Elizabeth said...

Congrats! That's awesome! I've heard amazing things about MK.

Laura Elizabeth said...


Laura Elizabeth said...

Congrats!! So awesome!!

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