Over Ambitious

Photo Credit: J. Noel Photography

Lately, I've had a lot of people surprised by how much I do. My internship, my blog, writing, Mary Kay, photography and singing (and don't forget school during the year!), it is a lot. I'm constantly going. I put almost 700 miles on my car every week. Pretty sure I'll add 10,000 by the end of the summer. 

For a long time, I just accepted it as what I do. I want to build myself a good career doing what I love. I want to be financially secure. As the oldest kid in my family, I've seen what can happen when you don't have savings (thankfully we did have savings). 

But should financial security really be an issue to a 19 year-old? My parents keep assuring me, "you're a college kid. You're supposed to be broke." With student debt going out the whazoo lately, it kills me a little inside every time I have to take another loan. 

I've always been independent, and it kills me knowing that someone else is out there paying for my college and that'll cost me later on in life. I want to be the one paying for it. Now. On my terms.

Sadly, that's not an option right now, but I'm hoping by senior year, it will be. 

It's also sad, that as a college kid, all I think about is money. How can I get money? How can I pay for this? How can I pay for that? how can I afford rent (first rent payment is August 1st)? It's all scary. And I know that that mindset will be constant the rest of my life.

All these things I do, I do them because I love them, but there's also the money factor behind it all. But, don't we all have a money factor behind what we do? Money drives the world.

I've got big plans for my life. Big plans that will mean big money. Not to spend it all (okay, maybe a lot of it), but because I need to know that if something bad happens, I'll still be okay. 

Call it ambition, call it being crazy, call it planning ahead.

It's all three. 


Laura Elizabeth said...

I think you're doing all of it right. I was always way too busy, too. Keep it up girl! PS> GORGEOUS PHOTO. Jenni is great.

Laura Elizabeth said...

Haha, thanks. People who aren't in college are always like "Good!" and college kids think I'm nuts. And thank you! She really is fabulous!

Laura Elizabeth said...

You sound like you're on a good path! I had the same thoughts about money in college, and honestly I still do 7 years later. It's all about balance though! Save away but spend a little too! And don't worry about student loans too much. I'm still paying them, but you get used to it. ;)

Laura Elizabeth said...

It's the same with me... I want to do so many things that after university I have loads of options I can make money with, because, sadly, this is what life is about... :/

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