D A Y Z E R O | Mary Kay Seminar

I am back!! Seminar was such a stinking blast! Seminar took place in downtown Dallas, at the Dallas Convention Center. It was so awesome seeing my town painted pink! And the best part is? There's three more seminars left so it'll be pink for another week and a half! Here's a few pictures from Day Zero. Don't ask me why it's called Day Zero, that's just what it is! 

On Day Zero, we went to the manufacturing plant down here in Dallas. In celebration of our fiftieth anniversary, the workers at the manufacturing plant did little stations with photobooths and such and we got to vote on our favorites. I love this picture because I gave my camera to a woman who was standing by, had to show her how to use it, and then ran to see there was no where for me to stand. So I got on the ground. These are a few of my wonderful Mary Kay sisters! 

Disco day! Here's another station, and sadly, I couldn't find a picture where all of us were looking at the same camera. 

Here's our picture after our awards. In Mary Kay, you have sales directors and national sales directors (NSD). Our NSD retired, so we don't have one, which puts us in the Go Give category. Go Give's awards were the first night, so we got all dressed up and fancy to go to the awards show. I'm the girl in the purple dress (if you couldn't already tell!).

This is my sales director, Shelley. She came into my life as a strong woman in a time where I really needed a strong woman who could show me that naysayers are not worth worrying about. I'll be so sad when I leave to go back to Huntsville (less than a month!). I know I'll probably see her every time that I come back to visit, but it just isn't the same! 

Day Zero was such a blast, but man was I exhausted. But don't worry, Days One, Two, and Three will be coming this week too!


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