A Logo I Actually Like -Insert Gasps-

For weeks, I've been going back and forth on names and logos and the general direction that I want to take myself and my brand. Do I want something classy? Something modern? Something girly? I spent weeks stressing out over what I wanted from my brand.

Well, instead of trying to pick one theme, I went with all three. And I think that fits me best. 

The two fonts I used for it were Thirsty Script (it's a combination of lobster, wisdom script and something else, LOVE IT!) and Oswald. The script gives it this classy look, but Oswald is such a fun, bold, modern font. And the purple, well, I love my purple! 

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm sure it will change at some point, but I really love what I created here. and I HARDLY ever say that. 

Now that I actually have a logo I like, I can move forward with branding the rest of the website! -dances- It'll be up sometime before the end of the month.

Happy Thursday! 

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Laura Elizabeth said...

I love love love it! And thanks for the font tip ;) I'm downloading oswald as we speak! Your new design looks absolutely amazing! I'm in LOVE!!!!

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