"When is Your Book Going to be Published?"

I get that above question a lot. Ever since inkpop and my harpercollins review. That was almost three years ago. Crazy to think, three years ago, I was hovering in the 40s, struggling to get my book higher. I remember going on vacation for a week and having to tell all my friends "take care of my baby while I'm gone!" because I knew whatever damage happened while I was gone was going to hard to undo. 

Three years.

That's after I kept my writing private for two and a half. I still remember the day I came across inkpop, but that's another story. In August.....no, September, it'll have been six years since I started my book. Six wonderful, frustrating and agonizing years.

But you can only retell the story so many different ways before you either hit gold or hit the wall.

And I think this time I've hit gold. 

A few friends have read the just finished (but still needs MAJOR editing) draft, and the response has been wonderful - giving me hope.

The plan has always been to eventually finish it, query, snatch an agent, land a book deal and become a best selling author. Those were the rules of the game, that's how they've pretty much always been.

Then last week, I saw the plan change in a instant. Well, okay, maybe it didn't change in an instant, but I saw the change in an instant. In fact, I feel like this has been a long time coming. 

I decided to hell with the rules. I want to make my own rules. 

Which is why I'm going to self-publish. 

But.... There is a catch. Because of my financial situation (thanks college!), I'll only be publishing it as an ebook, at least for the moment. I know The Assassin will be on kindle and nook, that's a given. iBooks is to be determined. There's a lot of research that goes into it. I know those are the three major ebook platforms, but if there are others, please, by all means, let me know! 

As far as when it'll be available, I don't know. Probably some time next year, maybe May? That's a total shot in the dark, it's got a lot to go through before it's ready for the world to see, but I'm excited. 

So, now, this is where I need y'all. Self-publishing is scary and exciting, but I can't do it on my own. Publicity is hard, I worked publicity in the publishing industry - I know. Any love you wanna give me, I will love you forever! 

But, to everyone who has followed me and supported me throughout the years - thank you times a gazillion, and I hope you'll stick around just a little bit longer! 


Laura @ Howdy Girl said...

Good Luck! I hope self-publishing goes well. Also please consider Kobo as a site to publish too, I usually buy my books there and unfortunately there are still quite some books that aren't available on Kobo.

Also self publishing author Susan kaye Quinn has written a lot about writing and self publishing http://www.susankayequinn.com/p/for-writers.html maybe it can be of help. She is an awesome author.

Laura @ Howdy Girl said...

Thanks for the resource! And I'll be sure to check Kobo out. Like I said, a lot of it depends on the financial requirements of the provider.

Laura @ Howdy Girl said...

I'm so excited for you!!! This is big big news!

Laura @ Howdy Girl said...

Thank you! I'm so excited! Maybe a year from now we'll be emailing about reading my book! :P

Laura @ Howdy Girl said...

Check out indierecon.org they have tons of self pub tips. Can't wait to have your book on my kindle! Best wishes!

Laura @ Howdy Girl said...

Keep updating us on your journey! I want to self publish someday too, although I'm not as close as you.

Laura @ Howdy Girl said...

I'm so happy to hear that! Yes, I love my mystery books!

Laura @ Howdy Girl said...

I can't wait to read it! and will totally talk about you all the time. duh. :)

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