Weddin' Bells

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I'm a girl. I'm on pinterest all the time. Combine those two things and you bet that I have a wedding board on my pinterest account. And as a girl with an eye for design, I want everything to look amazing. Everything from the setting, to the plates, to the dress and suits, the bridesmaids dresses' and the pictures we'll have done.

I love the idea of color themes in a wedding, and when it comes time to redesign this ole' blog, I often turn to wedding boards on pinterset for color ideas. But until now, I've never really thought of what I want for my wedding colors, but it's awfully fun to think about it, right?

Over the past few years, pink has really begun to grow on me. I love this pink because it isn't "SCREAM IN MY FACE" pink, it's a little more subdued, but it's still feminine and pretty. The yellow is a great color to compliment the pink, and it's neutral, so the man doesn't have to feel like it's completely girly! I'm usually not a fan of that shade of green, but on the wedding invitation, it works well with the other colors. 

Okay, confession, I absolutely love coral. I love how it's bright and bold and just the right amount of red and pink and orange all together. I love it with teal and with mint. You can't go wrong with either pair. And on that wedding invitation, I love that font! Font junkie right here!

Ombre Stripes by Jill Means, see more Minted.com
Ombre Stripes board by Jill Means. See more Minted.com

So, because I'm Catholic, I can't actually get married on a beach, but that doesn't mean I don't want a beach wedding. Can I have two weddings? I love the happy, breezy look of the beach, that ombre cake and the stripes on the wedding invitation. After looking at these, I'm pretty sure I should get married in the church, the get hitched for the government on the beach. Can I do that? 

Gold, Navy, Pink Inspiration  by Rachel, see more Minted.com
Gold, Navy, Pink Inspiration board by Rachel. See more Minted.com
Pink + Navy is another one of my favorite color schemes, and adding gold just makes it so much better! The pink is such a fun but feminine color, and the navy is more masculine, so they balance out. I love the paint stripes of the wedding invitation too. 

I love bits and pieces out of all these boards, I don't know which one I would choose! Gosh! Good thing I've got a few years still, right? 

Out of all of these, what is your favorite? 


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