Summer Shoe Style

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Shoedazzle, but all opinions are my own. 

Though you couldn't tell by the lack of outfit posts on this blog, I love fashion. I love following the trends and watching how people embrace them.

I just never get around to getting to them, but I love watching them.

I'm not a big clothes person, but I'm a huge shoes person. I keep shoes until they fall apart. I have shoes that I got in sixth grade and I still have them. And I seem to be buying more and more shoes for the "WHAT IF I NEED THESE MOM!?" moments. 

As a poor college kid, I'm always motivated by deals. And cheap stuff. Shoedazzle gives me both. You get 25% off your order in the first two days. And they're prices are a steal. I saw shoes that are usually $99 for $45 and $15. 

Even better? They're shoes are cute! 

And because it's summer, you know you want something light and comfy. I wear tennis shoes way too much because of my closet, but you know if I had something cute to wear, I'd totally pair it with those orange sandals down in Huntsville for my bearkat spirit. Or my love of purple? Totally want those flats!  And I'm a huge fan of black shoes (they actually look good with my snow white feet), so I love both sets of black shoes. 

Besides these, there's so many you can choose from! Shoedazzle created a quiz that will help customize the shoes they show you. I'm a lover of high heels (as long as I don't have to stand for too long). I bought three inch and five inch heels for senior prom and homecoming, respectively. Took the prom shoes to college with me, and you know there'll be heels in My Showroom.

Signing up is super easy, and you get that 25% discount after you take the quiz! 

So, hop on over and tell me what your favorite shoes are! 


Laura @ Howdy Girl said...

I need that last pair on the right in my life right now! Those are so cute!

Laura @ Howdy Girl said...

LOVE those flats-- the silver ones! So adorable!

Laura @ Howdy Girl said...

Those are some really cute flats! My sister told me about Shoedazzle--I might have to spend a little time there one of these days.

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