Little Known Shenanigans

shirt: thrifted || jeans: target

1. I'm a speed demon on the road. But I can't stand being in the passenger seat with one. I've got trust issues.

2. I absolutely can not for the life of me stand silverware. The sound it makes hitting plates, hitting other silverware, someone scrapping it off their teeth. Silverware is the devil, I'm tellin' ya!

3. Every year I was in Girl Scouts, I was one of the best cookie sellers in my troop. I wouldn't take no for an answer!

4. When I was ten or eleven, I spent two weeks trying to convince everyone that I would now only answer to "Elizabeth" and "Laura" no longer existed (Elizabeth is my middle name).

5. In ninth grade, at the end of the year, we had a big re-ranking tournament, I ended up being the #1 girl on the JV team. And then I quit to go do theater (which I quit too).

6. Speaking of theater, my old music director at church used to write plays every year for the Christmas concert. One of them would end up being published and sold to other parishes. There was a character named "Laura" and I originated that roll.

7.  For years, people told me I needed to watch Dexter because I would be hooked. I finally started a few weeks ago because I found it on demand at home. I'm halfway through the second season, but I doubt I'll finish all 7 before the new season comes on.

8. I've tried every trick in the book to get organized. Planners, books, binders, to-do lists but I just can't do it. And it drives me nuts. I find it ten times more work to stick something in a to-do list and remember to cross it off than to just remember to do it.

9. On that note of to-do lists, I'm trying really hard to get into the habit of keeping a list of the "6 Most Important Things" every day. It's a Mary Kay idea (well the phrasing at least) and I love the idea, I just have to keep up with it! Praying I have the strength and the remembrance to keep it up.

10. When I was.... four? I sang at a dance recital. Chuck Norris was in the audience (I danced with his granddaughter) and here I am, still not famous!


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I was the opposite in Girl Scouts, I was so shy that I was HORRIBLE at selling cookies.

backtobeingjolly said...

I was a top cookie seller too!!!

You aren't alone in the organized boat, I try and start and I'm great for a week then it just falls apart.

Liz(a) said...

My middle name is Elizabeth! :p

Lauren Alexis said...

this is great!
1. me too...except i hate traffic. so my husband can drive when there is traffic.
2. same! the sound of it is terrible, but for some reason i'd rather eat with it than plastic.
4. fifth grade i tried to go by my middle name, didn't work out so well.
8. i love organizing but i can't stick with anything. i even bought an adorable planner but i always forget to use it.
10. that's awesome! you should be famous. duh.

that's all :) we are so alike! :)

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