Ginger Snaps

First, thank you so, so SO much for all the love and support regarding my announcement yesterday! It warms my heart so much to see so much support from people of all walks of life! Y'all are pretty awesome!

Besides self-publishing, I've been working on some other stuff too. Y'all all know about my love for photography. It's a passion of mine, capturing life in the moment.

Y'all also probably know about Maple Bluebonnet and how excited I was about that. Well, I learned that co-owning a business is hard. Co-owning a business with your best friend is harder. Co-owning a business with your best friend who works weekends is ridiculously hard.

So, RIP MBB, but that leads me to something even more exciting.

I didn't come up with the name, a college friend/photographer did, but I loved it too much not to use it. I'll be working on the website this week, hoping to have it up and running by next week! So excited, I couldn't wait to tell you. 

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Anonymous said...

So neat with your photography! And SOOoooooo neat with you self-pubbing your book, Laura! I'm so proud of you!!!! <3

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