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This post is sponsored by Campus Textbook Rentals but all opinions are totally my own. 

At the beginning of every semester, there's a collective sigh from college kids everywhere as the price tag of their textbook collection goes up and up and up. I worked at a textbook store back in January during the spring rush and I saw several price tags in the $700-$800 range.

Thankfully I got a pretty decent discount on all my textbooks.

But I don't work there anymore and that means no textbook discounts. And there's no way I'm spending $700 on textbooks if I can avoid it. 

Which is why I was excited to see that a textbook rental company wanted to work with me. What college kid doesn't want to save money on college books (40-90%)? And let's be real here, how many of us actually get around to selling textbooks to other students?

Great part about renting is that once the semester is done, you can ship it off (free shipping both ways anyone?) and never have to worry about that book again. It won't sit on your shelf collecting dust. Or if you're more like me, it won't sit on your floor and therefore you can't stub your toe on the corner as you stumble across your room at two in the morning going to the bathroom. 

The one thing that's always kept me from renting textbooks is the fact that I can't highlight in them. Whenever I wanted to make a note, I'd have to stop what I was doing and go find a sticky note. With these textbooks, you can highlight in them to your heart's content. 

They also have this great new program called Rent Back where you sell your book to them, but you get paid every time your book is rented out. Pretty awesome, eh? 

This video explains rent back in a pretty awesome way. 

And just a note from a former textbook store employee, what he says about textbooks being sold back at such ridiculous prices is true. Not the bookstore's fault!
Needless to say, I obviously need to start renting more!

Do you prefer to buy textbooks or rent them? And why?


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I went to 2 different schools, one that had a rental system and one that I had to buy them. Renting is SOOO much easier and cost effective, I wish all school would do that!

Chelsea said...

OH yes! I'm HUGE fan of renting! I don't rent for any of my nursing classes now in case I want to keep the books for future reference, but I can't even imagine all the money I saved renting for my generals!

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