36 Thousand Killer Words

I don't ever seem to talk about it anymore, which is a shame since my love for writing is what made me start this blog. 

But today, I'm gonna talk about my book, The Assassin. That crazy little thing I've been working on now for almost six years (six in September). My book has gone through a lot. From the green little notebook I wrote the first murder scene, to figure out how important pacing is in a book. Cassie went from the age of 14 to the age of twenty, stopping at seventeen along the way.

Her story developed. From a kid living in New York City with a dad and best friends, now she's a college student at Sam (yes, my Sam) with no family or anything. She's guarded, a lot like me. 

But what I want for Cassie seems to be a lot more realistic now. It's easier to see how those things would happen now. 

My major goal is to finish this book by the end of June (ha...ha... I crack myself up sometimes) and for Nano in July, I want to work on the sequel. I have no idea what the plot for the second book is, but hell, I don't really know what the plot of this book is. 

Not knowing where the story is going is proving to be half the fun (and a whole lot of headache). I  have 36,000 words. I need about 20,000-25,000 more words and I only know where the last 5,000 words of The Assassin. I'm pretty much bull shitting (it's my blog, I can cuss if I want!) my way to that last 5,000 words.  

So, there's a huge gap that I have to fill in. Right now, I'm just trying to get words down on paper. The editing and adding and cutting will come in August after I finish the sequel. Y'all, I can feel it in my bones. After I edit this draft - this will be the one. 

The one I think I can publish. 

The publishing world has changed so much since I started writing. What if I end up with an e-book publisher like Entranced or Entangled? 

Maybe I'll end up with a big house like Random House or Harper Collins (wouldn't that be funny?)

Even though six years seems like a long time, I'll carry this book with me the rest of my life. 

Crazy stuff, huh?


Breanna Pair said...

I think it is so awesome!! Who cares how long its taking you, you're writing a book! That's phenomenal.

Keep it up girl. Chase your dreams.

Lydia Miller said...

That's so awesome, Laura! After I replied to your email, I had to come check out your blog post! I can't wait to read the next version of TA, and see how Cassie has grown since she was fourteen.

You are seriously capable of publishing TA. I believe it is going to happen, and I'm so excited for you!

Just keep writing! You got this!

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