pearls of sharing

I mentioned last week in my may goals that I had started a Mary Kay business. It was just a line on my goals list, but it's something huge in my life. Back in April, my roommate had her Mary Kay consultant come up from Houston and she had a facial party. The consultant was so excited about her job and just had this amazing energy about her that I wanted in on it. I talked to her a little bit and she had me hooked.

I wanted that energy.

So, a few weeks later, after talking to one of my dear childhood friends from church, I joined her team and became a Mary Kay consultant. I haven't sold a single bit of make-up (yet!) but I will. 

Last night was our weekly meeting, the first one I went to since it was the first one I was home for. There I was presented with my pearls of sharing earrings. The pearls of sharing set is earrings, a bracelet, and a necklace. The earrings come after you share the Mary Kay experience and the oppurtunity with three women. The bracelet comes at six. The necklace comes after you sign a woman to your team. 

In the first week that I started Mary Kay, I'd earned my earrings. I absolutely love them. Every time I talk to people about Mary Kay, I get this excitement about it. I'm ready to start this new adventure in my life. 

And I can't wait to share my experience with other women too. 


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