I AM Beautiful

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Lately, I've been struggling. The depression is eating away at me, little by little. I think part of it was just being extremely homesick. I'm going home tomorrow, and I hope some good quality time with my family will help that.

I've struggled with my body. Injuries have sidelined my goal to go to the gym every day. My weight has become the backlash of lack at the gym.

But this morning I woke up and I felt okay. I realized that even if I'm not a size two (try size 12), and I'm not skin and bones, I'm still pretty. I still have beauty in me. Why?

I am beautiful because everyone is.

I am beautiful because I'm unique.

I am beautiful because inner beauty shines through to outer beauty.

I am beautiful because I am me and no one else every will be. 

And I refuse to let the magazines tell me what I should look like. Will I continue to go to the gym and work out? Yes, but it's for me, because I'm happier when I go to the gym, not because I want to starve myself into a size two. I will never be a size two. That just doesn't happen my family. I'm not ridiculous. 

I am beautiful, and I'm not going to let other people bring me down.

Not anymore. 


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