So Vicious // A Rant on Name-Calling

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Hey y'all, remember me? Well, I'm back and I've got a bone to pick with people. Not these guys in the picture though.

You see, I was on twitter this morning and CNN had a link to an interview with the first same-sex married couple in France. Congrats to them, but that's not the point of my post. It's the crazy comments that follow.

Note: Don't click on that link to look at the comments if you aren't fond of cussing. Cause there's a lot of it. People calling each other every name in the book you can think of.

And it got me back on my rant again. Where the hell is the respect nowadays? Look, I don't agree with a lot of things that people were posting in the comments, on both sides of the aisle, but that doesn't mean I would sit there and call them names.

What are we? Ten? Twelve? Actually, I know they aren't twelve because my brother is twelve and he's got more respect for people than anyone on the site did. 

So, please, please be with me. Get in an argument with someone? Don't stoop down to the level of these people and cower to name calling. It's just down right pathetic. And it's just wrong. 


Old Fashioned {Why I'm Waiting For Marriage}

Call me old fashioned but I believe in waiting for the simple things in life. For working for the greater things. I believe that you get what you give and nothing should be handed to you on a plate. I believe that the greatest success comes to those who refuse to be beaten down and keep on trucking even when trucking on doesn't make sense.

Lately, I feel like a lot of things in my life are making me question my values. My beliefs. My choices, especially my choice to wait until I'm married to have sex. I've seen people I've never met before roll their eyes at my purity ring.

Someone asked me how on earth I could possibly want to torture myself for that long?

You wanna know why? Because I believe the best things are worth waiting for and working for. I know that marriage, if I'm lucky enough to get to that point, is something my husband and I are going to have to work for. And it won't be just a few weeks and then "oh let's get married!"

It's going to take extreme circumstances for me to ever consider divorce. When I get married, it'll be for life and waiting until marriage to have sex is just something that is important to me. From all accounts of what I've heard, sex is a pretty big and amazing thing, and why would I want to waste it with just anyone? Something that amazing should be saved to experience it with someone amazing.

And it's not like I'm planning to marry a non-amazing guy.

Maybe it's because I'm old fashioned, maybe it's my Catholic upbringing (I'm very strong in my morals lining up with Catholic Church's teachings). Maybe it was the way I was raised by my parents. Maybe I'm just a late bloomer hiding behind the whole "I won't have sex until I married" so I don't have to deal with the anxiety about being naked and my body image.

Maybe it's all three.

But I'm old-fashioned and it works for me.


Suzanne + I

Call me tacky, but for some reason I name my cameras. My first real, semi-professional camera was a little Nikon Coolpix L110 named Betty. I'm pretty sure they don't make Betty's anymore, but that's okay. She was a great learner camera.

Back when I had to retire her last summer (the week before I moved to college), I was ready to get rid of her. There were things I wanted to do with my photography that poor little Betty just couldn't do. Betty was done.

They gave me an in-store credit, and when I went home for Thanksgiving in November, my mom and I went to best buy to finally buy a replacement camera. I'd done my research and knew I wanted to walk out with a Canon DSLR. I originally thought I was going to walk out with a Canon Rebel t3, but after some sweet talking from the sales guy and an agreement that the extra costs of the camera would count as a birthday and Christmas present, I walked out with a camera bag, a SD card and a Canon Rebel t3i.

Can I just say I love this camera. Every time I go to do a shoot, I learn something new. Whether it's with my camera, whom I've named Suzanne, or in the editing, I feel like it's forced me to become a better photographer, and I can only go up from here.

The past few months, I've taken every chance I could to take pictures. Want pictures of you and your best friend? I'm on it! Need some prom pictures? I can do that too! Even at a hospital (the top picture was a prom picture at a hospital, so no, I ain't making that one up!).

I honestly hope this is something I can do for the rest of my life. Take pictures. I want to see the world and capture life's amazing moments. And granted, I won't own Suzanne forever, but right now, Suzanne and I are doing what we love best.

Making memories.




I've been working a bunch // I've been sleeping like a baby at night // I've been living in a disaster of a room // I've been itching to design // the writing bug also bit me this week // my camera, Suzanne, is feeling lonely, we're gonna have a date this weekend // I've been feeling sluggish - learned yesterday it was because my thyroid is still working super slow, damn you hypothyroidism // I've been hopeful that things are looking up

What have you been up to lately? 


pearls of sharing

I mentioned last week in my may goals that I had started a Mary Kay business. It was just a line on my goals list, but it's something huge in my life. Back in April, my roommate had her Mary Kay consultant come up from Houston and she had a facial party. The consultant was so excited about her job and just had this amazing energy about her that I wanted in on it. I talked to her a little bit and she had me hooked.

I wanted that energy.

So, a few weeks later, after talking to one of my dear childhood friends from church, I joined her team and became a Mary Kay consultant. I haven't sold a single bit of make-up (yet!) but I will. 

Last night was our weekly meeting, the first one I went to since it was the first one I was home for. There I was presented with my pearls of sharing earrings. The pearls of sharing set is earrings, a bracelet, and a necklace. The earrings come after you share the Mary Kay experience and the oppurtunity with three women. The bracelet comes at six. The necklace comes after you sign a woman to your team. 

In the first week that I started Mary Kay, I'd earned my earrings. I absolutely love them. Every time I talk to people about Mary Kay, I get this excitement about it. I'm ready to start this new adventure in my life. 

And I can't wait to share my experience with other women too. 


I AM Beautiful

Speak Now
Lately, I've been struggling. The depression is eating away at me, little by little. I think part of it was just being extremely homesick. I'm going home tomorrow, and I hope some good quality time with my family will help that.

I've struggled with my body. Injuries have sidelined my goal to go to the gym every day. My weight has become the backlash of lack at the gym.

But this morning I woke up and I felt okay. I realized that even if I'm not a size two (try size 12), and I'm not skin and bones, I'm still pretty. I still have beauty in me. Why?

I am beautiful because everyone is.

I am beautiful because I'm unique.

I am beautiful because inner beauty shines through to outer beauty.

I am beautiful because I am me and no one else every will be. 

And I refuse to let the magazines tell me what I should look like. Will I continue to go to the gym and work out? Yes, but it's for me, because I'm happier when I go to the gym, not because I want to starve myself into a size two. I will never be a size two. That just doesn't happen my family. I'm not ridiculous. 

I am beautiful, and I'm not going to let other people bring me down.

Not anymore. 


A Pretty Campus

I've got three days left. Three days in Huntsville before I move back home for the summer. Figured I'd share some of the pretty parts of my wonderful campus.


Words of Wisdom

I don't know if y'all have seen the "Blog Everyday in May" idea that Jenni from Story of my Life is doing, but I think it's great! I haven't linked up yet, and obviously won't be able to every single day, but I'll be linking up when I can. Today's blog topic is about a quote that really inspires you.

The quote I picked is from Mary Kay Ash, the founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics. She was brilliant, funny, smart and just a genius. Her quotes are never ones you just forget. I absolutely adore this quote because it's just so darn true. How many of us hide in the comfort of the everyday and never dare to try something new? I know I'm just as guilty of this as anyone else, but I really hope to change that.

What are some of your favorite quotes?


Cover Reveal - Sleeper

After a life saving heart transplant, eighteen-year-old Mishca Richardson is plagued by nightmares and an urgent desire to find her birth parents, which she puts down to post-operation depression. But her new heart seems to bring more than a second chance at life in the form of speed, strength and love at first sight.

Sharon is a writer from Mackay in Queensland, Australia who has short stories published in anthologies and was also runner-up in the Australian Literary Review's Young Adult short story contest with KARMA. By day she is a public relations executive and by night she writes weird fiction and soulful contemporaries while her husband, two sons and cat are fast asleep.

I just want to personally add that I am so excited to be a part of the cover reveal for Sleeper. Sharon is not only a friend, but she's mentor and I've known her for a long time now. If you were a part of inkpop, you may remember this as Mishca. It's gone through a few changes, but I can not wait to finally see this released! Congrats Sharon!


Behind the Walls

For the past nine months, I've lived in the strangest city in the world. No where else on the planet will you find the state execution chamber half a mile away from a state university. No where else (that I know of) will you find an execution chamber sitting right in the middle of the downtown square. 

People from the outside don't get it. People always criticize my mom, "how could you let your daughter move to a town with death row? What happens if an inmate escapes from prison?"

You wanna know what will happen if an inmate escapes from prison? They sure as hell will not be staying in Huntsville, I can tell you that.

People back home wonder how scary it is, especially the days when the state executes someone. They can't understand how I feel so safe when there are over 1000 murderers living half a mile away. People just don't comprehend it all. 

Honestly, it's not that big of a deal. Every day, the prison sirens go off every couple of hours. It's the only reminder of what lies just a few blocks away. 

Execution days? I think every execution that has happened, I found about it after it had already happened earlier in the day. 

It's a strange town, but the Huntsville Unit (nicknamed "Walls"), is just so incorporated into the town, it's hard to imagine Huntsville without it. 

It's hard to imagine hearing those sirens every day. It's hard to imaging asking people "Oh what's your major?" and having them say "CJ" (for criminal justice) nine times out of ten. It's hard to imagine walking to the Greyhound Station and walking in on all the new parolees getting ready to leave town.

Next week, I'll move back home for the summer. Flower Mound and Huntsville really couldn't be much more different. While I'll be glad for the change of pace for a few months, I know that Huntsville will still be engrained in my mind; I'll still hear sirens go off in my head around the same time I know they'll be going off here in Huntsville.

Huntsville, it's hard to imagine you with out your prisons (yes, plural!) everywhere. It's hard to imagine your small town ways. It's hard to imagine you anyway besides you the way you are.


May Goals

Okay, since when is it May? I can't believe it! A week from today, I'll be walking out of my last final, done with my freshman year in college. A week from tomorrow, I'll be loading up my mom's mini van and saying good-bye to good old SHV for good. May is going to be such an uber exciting month and I'm so excited to share some of my goals.


Do well on all my finals. 
Continue working out. When I go back home, I'll be up at 5 or 5:30 in the morning to go to the gym.
Formally launch my Mary Kay business (more on that soon!)
Grow Maple Bluebonnet.
Start 30 Facials for 30 Days (part of my Mary Kay business)
Pack up my whole entire room to move back home
Go through all my stuff and get rid of things that I don't need once I move back home
Finish this draft of The Assassin
Begin working on something different for once
New Blog design? 
Pray More

What are some of your goals in May? 

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