Unromantic Romance

Last week, I alluded that I personally think that faces like this are at least part of the reason I am still single. While I'm perfectly fine being single, it's led to one tiny problem as a writer.


I've been in one relationship and well, romance didn't really happen in that relationship (just being honest!). 

With a total lack of romance in my life, writing the romance is a bit of a challenge. One that I can't seem  to conquer. I have no problem reading romance at all, but writing it? Yeah, I feel like a total fake. And I feel like it shows. 

I can write everything leading up to the romance. The flirting, the stupid little comments, oh yeah, I have a blast writing those. But when it comes time for the characters to actually get romantically involved?

Yeah, you can watch me running for the hills screaming. 

Hopefully, someday, I'll have an amazing man who will fix this problem. But for now, I'm just the awkward writer trying to get her characters to have normal flowing romance. 

Anyone else have this horrible problem? 


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