Tuesday Tune-Up #1

Weight (as of Monday Night): 192.8 pounds

I'm on the move to get my body back. About a month ago, I wrote a post about getting it back. And you know what? For once, I actually listened to what I said and started going. A few days after that post, Allie came down to visit for her spring break. We went shopping and I had a break down in a dressing room because I was frustrated that nothing looked good on me because I was too fat. 

That afternoon, after Allie left, I went to the gym. And I've been pretty much every day since. I've missed a few days from injuries and travels, but seriously, out of the past month, I've probably missed four days.

At first, the weight fell off quickly, but then Lent ended, and I kind of indulged in all the things that I gave up for Lent. It was super depressing last week to step up on the scale and see the number go off. So, it was nice to see it go back down last night.

My first goal is to be under 190 next week. I'm getting back into a pattern that allows me to enjoy food I love, but only in moderation. 

I wanted to start Tuesday Tune-Ups as a way to keep myself in check - to make sure that I really stay on track and get to my long-term goal of being about 150 pounds. It'll be a long road, but checking up and putting these embarrassing numbers on the blog will be just the way to do that.  

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Morgan said...

I think you're such a beautiful person, Laura! It's great to have goals and work toward them, but remember to love yourself during the process. You are beautiful and talented and an amazing person. I'm proud of you!

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