It's been a tragic week, personally and for the nation.

Everyone knows about Boston. My hearts go out to them, it really does. I don't know what else I can say.

Everyone now knows about West. My heart goes out to them even more.

West, Texas is a little town on I-35, the highway that runs between Dallas and Austin. My grandparents live in Austin, so West is a town I pass every time I go to visit them. It's home to the world famous Czech Stop. The people there are so nice and it really is a true Texas town.

You've probably seen the videos and the pictures.

I've been there enough times to name so many of those locations in the pictures and the videos.

It's amazing how much a tragedy effects you when you have even just the slightest connection to it. Even if it's the countless times I've driven through the town.

Even if it's just because West is in Texas.

Whatever the reason is, what's happened this week was tragic. For Boston and West.

I don't know what's going on in the world (All week long CNN  has been blowing up my phone), but I sincerely hope it stops.


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