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I am so excited to be able to guest post for Laura today! We actually went to elementary school together and we even share the same birthday. We always joke with each other about being twins, which we kinda are in some weird way :)
Well, I guess I should introduce myself: Hi, I'm Amber and I and over at my blog you'd find just about anything, but I mostly blog about my life as a college student, what little I know about fashion and beauty, and sometimes my latest DIY projects. 
However, what I love the most is thrift shopping.
AKA: Thrifting
Yes, I know. It's become all the rage, especially with a notable song that's became popular.
So, here's what I have to say to Mr. Macklemore: 
It's sad how true this is.
But I'm here today to tell you that shopping at thrift shops is not just for the needy
and it's not just filled with your grandmas hand-knitted sweaters and parachute pants from the 80's.
It's for us girls (& boys!) who love a good deal
and it's filled with fashion gold.
Here are a just few outfits I've put together that are all 100% thrifted:

Yes, m'am. Everything down to the shoes and jewelry cam from Goodwill.
So, if your're interested in thrift shopping but not quite sure how, here are my top five tips for shopping secondhand to score some seriously awesome deals!


1. Timing: Go Early and Go Long

my local GW
~Since there is always new merchandise being brought in and out, it's key to go early. You wouldn't want to walk in and see that brand new with tags GAP dress in the hands of someone else, would you?
I generally go earlier in the day within about an hour of them opening. I have to admit though, that usually, I am one of those crazies that is waiting at the door three minutes before they open.
~I also recommend going early in the week. Tuesdays are my days since they've had a chance to restock from the weekend and have also processed any new donations they may have received. 

~Another tip is to never just "pop in." I hardly ever go to my local Goodwill unless I have at least an hour of time to devote to looking, because it does take time to scour the racks.
Which leads me to tip number two...

2. Know Where to Look

Like I said, the merchandise is constantly changing. At my Goodwill, they bring out new racks of clothes every thirty minutes.
Like this one below:

These racks are where those gems are hidden. 
Since no one has really had the chance to pick them through like the regular racks of clothes, you can probably find more items.
Yes, there will be plenty of outdated, and just plain ugly stuff
Like this:
but in between those things, are the occasional treasure. 

I also look at the rack in front of the changing/dressing room. I'm always surprised at how many things I've found from someone who has similar style to me that obviously didn't work for them.

3. Know Sales and Coupons

A lot of thrift shops will have certain color tags on sale. For example, this past week it was yellow.
It's important to keep in mind because it can save you a lot on your loot. 
Countless times I forget what color is on sale, and deem a shirt 'overpriced' only to then realize it was really half off that. 
Just because you wouldn't ay $7.99 for a stained dress doesn't mean you wouldn't  at half off, right?

~Even if your items not on sale, and you think it's overpriced, talk to a manager! More often than not, they would be happy to consider any offer, and you may just get it for the price you want!

~Also, keep an eye out for coupons. My local Goodwill puts out 50% off one item coupons in the Greensheet Paper. Another bonus is that you can use as many as you want!
I hardly ever pay the price the tag says because I collect multiple coupons.
I also know of orhwe family-owned thrift shops where if you sign up for their newsletter, they email you coupons. Score!

4. Never be afraid to try on clothes

In the aisles, barefoot. 
My mom (above) and I do this all the time.
okay, maybe not barefoot, but you get the idea.

I never look at the size the tag says because everything fits differently.
Instead, if I find something I like, I throw it in my cart and try it on.
It may be too big, too small, but it also may fit perfect.
but you'd never know until you try it on!
Also note that Goodwill does have fitting rooms, but in the words of Sweet Brown: "Ain't nobody got time fo that. "

and finally, 

5. Know An Item's Value

Even if you find a super cute pair of shoes that are 4 sizes to small for you, or an adorable sundress that has a ginormous rip, don't buy it! It has no value to you if you can use it or wear it. 
Only buy things either
a. you know you can fix
b. you know you can give to someone else

I've come across several clothing items that may be super cute, but can never be worn due to stains/rips/size differences. 
(this is also why it's important to try things on!)
So, determine if you can easily stitch the rip up, or if you can clorox the stain.
If you can, great, buy it!
but if you can't, don't!
easy enough, right?

Contrary to popular belief, thrifting is easy. It just takes time to get used to.
You may go one day and find absolutely nothing, and other times youare carrying 4 shopping bags out the door.
and that's perfectly okay. 
It's just the breaks of the game. 

Say thrift shopping's just not for you. Maybe it takes too much time or you never seem to find anything..
Don't worry sister, I've got you covered!
Check out My Ebay where I sell my secondhand finds and make it easy for you to score a few of my greatest thrifting treasures. No digging through ugly sweaters and stripper clothes required!

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Thanks Laura for letting me visit!


My Moms a Whack Job said...

I love shopping at the thrift store and some of my favorite pieces come from there. I was just thinking last night I want a pair of old cut off levi shorts. Wonder where I can get those for $5??

Kristen @ KV Confessions said...

I never go thrift shopping but have always wanted to! Thanks for the tips - this post is awesome and you ladies look FAB!

P.S. I've GOT to get those Mickey jeans ;)

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