Spring Time

Can we say facelift?! It's been a month (I promise!) and honestly, I spent most of that month not even designing anything. Guess I was that busy. But Friday, after I had four tests, I had nothing to do all weekend, so I was up for like, ten hours after class working on a design. It took a life of it's own and I'm so glad it did.

Though I started it Friday, I spent a good portion of my time working on the navigation bar. I wanted one where it changed colors when you rolled over the word, sort of like Aunie Sauce and emailed her designer, KV, to ask her just how she pulled it off.

The problem was, something was corrupt in my code somewhere in the blog so it would never! I ranted to anyone who would listen about how frustrating it was. Eventually, I tweeted about it, and a lady helped me with it. Eventually, I tried another blog and the code worked perfectly, so all that was left was to customize it.

So, what do you guys think?

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Ani Danielle said...

absolutely love the design! I'm in the process of giving my blog a facelift and so far, it's been a huge pain. Anyway, glad you got the hover to work!

xx Ani

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