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Last night, I wrote a mini essay for a scholarship contest for Seventeen Magazine. The topic of the little "Essay" was to write about why I'm "pretty awesome." Specifically, it wanted to know why you were "pretty awesome" and creative. I'm the girl that has no problem with creativity. I quickly dove in and started writing about everything I've accomplished and everything I'm about to tackle this summer. I'm clearly a crazy girl.

Howdy, I’m Laura and I’m a do-it-all. At the age of seventeen, I had my first full-length book, The Assassin, voted for and read by HarperCollins publishing as a part of their inkpop website. Flash forward two and a half years later and I’m still writing. On top of writing murder mysteries, I run a successful lifestyle blog called Howdy Girl, I do freelance blog designing, I’m an intern at an advertising agency, a freshman in college, and I’m launching two businesses this summer – a photography company with my best friend called Maple Bluebonnet Studios, and I’m also starting my own Mary Kay Cosmetics business. While I’m not the typical “artist” when it comes to drawing with a pen and paper, I live a life looking for creativity wherever I go. I’m the kind of girl that won’t stop until she gets exactly what she wants and I’m looking for any and everyway possible to quench my thirst for creativity and that’s what makes me pretty awesome. 

Crazy? Oh, yes, indeed. But that's what makes me pretty awesome.

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Reese said...

Congrats, that sounds great! I wish you the best of luck with all of your upcoming projects. It sounds as if you're quite busy :)

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