Introducing Maple Bluebonnet

Y'all all know about my love of photography. How when I'm attached to my camera, I come alive. It's been a dream for years now to have a photography business, but the timing was never right. I never had the right equipment, or the resources or the support.

That's all changed.

All these photoshoots Allie and I have done over the past year have paid off. The practice, the experimenting with lighting and settings. It's all worth something.

It was over Christmas break, we were talking about our next shoot, planning it. We had to build our own "studio" in her mom's apartment, and we were talking about how to go about doing it. Then the conversation turned to the idea of making our own business.

In less than half an hour, Maple Bluebonnet was born. 

It took us a while to get running. Shortly after that shoot, we both left to go off to college (our colleges are 10 hours apart). So, we figured out how we wanted to approach this.

I started reading about other bloggers who had successful photography businesses, and in March, while I was home on a week day, I went to the county courthouse and submitted a DBA (doing business as) for Maple Bluebonnet. 

Denton County Courthouse

It took more work, building our portfolio (which we're still doing), built a website, we've been promoting and I'm happy to finally tell y'all about this. I kept this a secret for four months! I didn't know I could go that long! 

I can't believe that I've been so blessed to have this opportunity and to do it with my best friend is my just the cherry on top! Maple Bluebonnet is going to go places. I'm so ready to see her grow!


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