God, Guns and Safety

Right now, as I'm doing laundry here in my dorm, kids my age, my peers, are being sent to hospitals because of a stabbing.

It's not my school, it's at a community college about an hour away from here. Lonestar. The story is that a young man started stabbing people.

Lonestar is the same college system where they had the shootings back in January. One of my very close friends went to that campus last semester.

There's Newtown too, but everyone's already said their pieces on that.

People are pushing for gun control, getting guns off the streets to keep people straight.

Quite frankly, I have to wonder what those people are on?

I live in Death Row town. The Texas Death Row is half a mile away from me. While I've grown used to it, I still carry pepper spray. When I turn 21, I'll be getting a license to carry concealed. Why?

Because the only thing stopping a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. 

Bad guys aren't going to stop getting guns if we get rid of them. They're bad guys for a reason. It's a used line, but it's true. The main reason I feel safe in Huntsville is because there's a ridiculous amount of police officers.

With guns.

But the police officers can't always be there to protect us. What happens when I'm faced with a criminal? Maybe an escapee?

What do you expect me to do? Shoot him in the face with my pepper spray and hope he doesn't shoot me with his gun in the face?

Without a gun, all I'll have is God to protect me. While I trust that God will fulfill his plans for me, I don't know what those plans are. I'd like to keep myself safe so I can fulfill those other goals.

The point is, I don't believe gun control is the key to keeping people safe.

It's education. Help. Therapy.

Not control.

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Alicia said...

I 110% agree with every statement you've made in this post. I'm so excited to respond that I'm sure I'm going to mess up words and sentences while trying to do so.

My biggest pet peeve with gun control nuts (sorry not trying to start anything but I can't think of a better word right now) is that they seem to think that if we put bigger restrictions on guns that the bad guys are somehow going to start obeying the law and stop using guns. YEAH RIGHT!

I have a concealed weapons permit and not a moment goes by that I don't fully understand what that means to me and those around me. I hope I never have to use my concealed but if I do at least I'll have the option to life another day.

On another note, I stopped by to welcome you to the BBN team.

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